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A selection of works found in recent issues:

Taxing the Legitimate Business of Social Media Marketing in the Age of Influence by Nicholas Robinson and Jaclyn Shan

Bringing the News from Ghent to Axanar: Fan Works and Copyright after Deckmyn and Subsequent Developments by Aaron Schwabach

A Chance Worth Taking: Advocating for a National Sports Gambling Law that Draws Upon the Successes—and Failures—of the German System and the SWMIA by Samuel D. Lack

Abuse and Mistreatment of Athletes at U.S. Universities: Legal Implications for Institutional Duty-to-Protect by Ted Tatos

Only the Best and the Brightest: No Room for the Average Female Lawyer in the 21st Century Cinematic Legal Profession by Danielle Maddox Kinchen

A Shield or a Solution: Confronting the New Copyright Troll Problem by Michael P. Goodyear

Swipe Up to Subscribe: The Law and Social Media Influencers by Monique Groen

The Fortnite Lawsuits: A Dance Battle Royale Against Copyright Law’s Protections of Choreographic Works by Lauren Hutton-Work

Big Data Bust: Evaluating the Risks of Tracking NCAA Athletes’ Biometric Data by Alicia Jessop & Thomas A. Baker III

The Big Business of College Game Day by Loftus Carson