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TRESL  is published yearly by The University of Texas School of Law Publications, Inc. We welcome submissions of articles from scholars, practitioners, businesspeople, government officials, judges, and students on topics relating to recent developments in entertainment and sports law. In addition to articles, TRESL also invites authors to submit shorter works, such as book reviews, commentaries, essays, notes, comments, and bibliographies. All submissions are reviewed blindly throughout the year on a rolling basis. TRESL’s Submissions Committee seeks to provide authors with timely responses; however, the Committee will sometimes hold articles for consideration in a future publication, unless the TRESL is notified of a withdrawal.

Citations should conform with the Texas Rules of Form (10th ed. 2003) and The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citations (17th ed. 2000). Except when content suggests otherwise, TRESL follows the guidelines set forth in the Texas Law Review Manual on Usage and Style (9th ed. 2002), The Chicago Manual of Style (14th ed. 1993), and Bryan A. Garner, A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (2nd ed. 1995).

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