Volume 9

Volume 9:2, Spring 2008Table of Contents


Creative Malpractice: The Cinematic Lawyer, 231
William G. Hyland, Jr.

A Proper Analysis of the National Football League Under Section One of the Sherman Act, 281
Nathaniel Grow


The Dixie Chicks: A Case Study for the Politics of Hollywood, 307
Jeffrey Gilbert

Whose Stats Are They Anyway? Analyzing the Battle Between Major League Baseball and Fantasy Game Sites, 335
Stacey B. Evans

Volume 9:1, Fall 2007 – Table of Contents


Stopping the Obscenity Madness 50 years after Roth v. United States, 1
Clay Calvert & Robert D. Richards

Regulation or Prohibition? The Troubled Legal Status of Internet Gambling Casinos, 39
Benjamin B. Nelson

Content on the Fly: The Growing Need for Regulation of Video Content Delivered Via Cellular Telephony, 67
Jacob Chapman

Tackling the Competitive Sports Doctrine: a New Proposal for Sports Injuries in Texas, 85
Griffin Toronjo Pivateau

Fair Game: Ethical Considerations in Negotiation by Sports Agents, 123
Melissa Neiman


This Land is Not Your Land: Second Life, CopyBot, and the Looming Question of Virtual Property Rights, 141
Kurt Hunt

Paparazzi, Tabloids, and the New Hollywood Press, 175
Keith D. Willis

Meeting the Challenges of International Brand Expansion in Professional Sports: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in China, 203
Jeffrey F. Levine


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