TRESL membership is a highly rewarding experience. As a member of TRESL, you have the opportunity to select and edit the articles, book reviews, and student notes we published in our issues. You will develop valuable editing and cite-checking skill that will be of value throughout your legal career. Our members come from many different academic, social, and cultural backgrounds, and are interested in many facets of entertainment and sports law. As a member, you will have a opportunity to meet, work, and develop friendships with a talented group of people through events such as happy hours, game-watching parties, and our annual kickball event.

As a new member of TRESL, you are required to complete 20 staff hours and 5 office hours each semester. We do not currently have a writing requirement, but many of our editors have successfully submitted student notes in the past. Additionally, there is a membership fee required of all members of TRESL.

We conduct a write-on application in the Fall and, when need arises, Spring semester. We also participate in the annual all-journal write-on competition held by Texas Law Review. We accept all qualified first, second, and third year law students. For more information, please contact us.