2011 Symposium Speaker: Josh Luchs

Josh Luchs became a certified NFL agent in 1989 at the age of 19. In his over 20 years as an agent, he has worked both independently and for larger agencies such as Pro Tect Management and the Gersh Agency. In total, he participated in the representation more than 60 NFL players including such current stars as Terrell Suggs and Todd Heap. Josh Luchs “came clean” about his two decades as a sports agent in a Sports Illustrated cover story titled “Confessions of an Agent”. The story triggered a title wave of social conversation, media coverage, and a chorus of calls for NCAA referendum. Luchs was also featured on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Overall, Luchs reached an estimated TV audience of over 25 million and was included in virtually every A-List publication across the country from the New York Times to the LA Times. Luchs became the youngest agent to ever be certified by the National Football League Players Association and is the first person to ever expose the seedy underbelly of Amateur Athletics and the process of recruiting college stars for the professional ranks. 

Josh Luchs was recently profiled by Sports Illustrated in an article titled “Confessions of an Agent.”

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